LCQ : Licence Controller Qualification training

We offer the LCQ training as a the most fun one day course (no homework), ZOOM online and as a self-paced tuition option.

One day LCQ Courses

One Day Courses

Our one day courses are the most fun courses to attend to get an LCQ. You really will finish your LCQ in a day. NO HOMEWORK. You’ll get the benefits of having direct interaction with skilled trainers who have industry experience and you’ll meet other people who are, like you, ready to advance their careers in the hospitality industry.

Our one day courses are presented in Wellington, Petone, Wairarapa across Kapiti, Horowhenua, Manawatu, Auckland and Hawkes Bay on a regular basis. We also present courses in other areas.

Check our course calendar to see where we are holding our next training sessions.

What if I Can’t Get to a Training Venue?

ZOOM Online Courses

We offer ZOOM online courses that take 3 hours 9-12 in the morning. You are then sent assessments to complete with learning resources – both standards giving you your LCQ. You can take as much time as you need to complete but we will follow up with you on a regular basis.

Managing a Team?

If you are an employer and you have a group of people requiring this training then you can contact us. In many cases we can arrange to have a training day in your region or your place of business.

Contact us for Team Training

Flying Solo?

If you are seeking qualifications for yourself and you’re unable to access any of our regular training sessions then we recommend you take advantage of our self-paced training modules. Keep reading to find out more.

Self Paced Training Modules 

We offer self-paced training modules for people who want to attain their LCQ but cannot easily attend a training course at any of our training venues.

We’ll deliver all the course materials you’ll need to learn at your own pace. Full instructions are included and you’ll be able to undertake the learning in your own time. You can order the LCQ training module here.

If you’re able to attend our one-day training courses at any of our venues then we highly recommend them as the easiest and most effective way for you to train for the LCQ.

What You’ll Learn

You will learn about the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, how it affects you and your work place, and what your responsibilities are as a duty manager of a licensed premise.

Licensed Controller Qualification Units 4646 & 16705  

LCQ Unit 4646: Demonstrate knowledge of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and its implication for licensed premises.
LCQ Unit 16705: Demonstrate knowledge of host responsibility requirements as a duty manager of licensed premises.

The LCQ is the qualification required by the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 for anyone who is applying for their General Manager’s Certificate.

If you are wondering who makes these rules and where they’re all set out you’ll find them in the Sale & Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. That’s something that you will learn about in your LCQ.

The LCQ is not for Everyone

Did you check our short list of requirements for being a Duty Manager?

People who want a Manager’s Certificate must know the regulations. They must be 20, have the right to work in NZ , have a LCQ qualification and they must pass background checks too.

The District Licensing Committee will take your criminal record into account (if you have one) when they decide whether they will approve you. If you are are planning to study for a Manager’s certificate and you have criminal convictions then you should contact the Licensing Inspector at your local council before you begin. You must disclose any convictions you have had; any that are clean slated do not have to be disclosed but that doesn’t mean the Police won’t consider them.

Although anyone over 16 can enroll and be assessed for the LCQ you must be aged 20 or over to apply to the District Licensing Committee for a Manager’s Certificate or to be appointed as an acting or temporary manager.

Applying for a Duty Managers Certificate.

Once you have completed your LCQ training and gained the qualification, you will then need to apply to the District Licensing Committee for your Managers Certificate. 

The District Licensing Committee (DLC) can be found at your local council offices.

Successfully completing our training course and obtaining your Licensed Controller Certificate does not mean that you will be granted a Managers Certificate by the DLC it is just one of the things you need to have to apply to the council.

The application process involves an interview with the Licensing Inspector, and they may test your knowledge on the Sale & Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.  The DLC will decide whether you will attain your Managers Certificate based on your behaviour in the interview and your responses to any questions they may ask.

Please note the council charge a fee of $316.25 to apply for a Manager’s certificate.  Our course fee does not cover any of those costs.

Before you enroll. Do your pre-flight check.

Contact the Licensing Inspector based at your local council for the requirements to apply for a Manager’s Certificate or look on your council’s website for information.

If you’ve got a criminal record, check with the council to make sure that it’s not going to stand in your way.

Contact us for more Information.

Check out the Course Dates

We can also offer this training on a self-paced (one to one) basis, in other locations around New Zealand (see Venues page for details).

If you have a group of staff who need training, we can run a course at your venue on a day that suits your business.  This can be tailored to your specific requirements. 

Contact us for more info

What to Bring to the Course

A photo copy of your ID or just your ID, Pen, writing paper if you wish to take additional notes although there is plenty of room in your Course Workbook to write notes;  your lunch – however there are cafés situated close to the venue.

NOTE: if you are not confident in spoken English we suggest you seek an interview with your local DLC (District Licensing Committee) at your local Council to make sure that your English skills meet the minimum requirements. 

One to One Tuition

We can also do this course one-to-one at a slightly higher course fee if you would prefer more individual attention or do not have the time to attend a 1 day course.

If you have any questions relating to the course please contact us.


One-Day Course

$255 (incl. GST) and includes:
  • Workbook and information resource
  • Exam Paper (the assessment)
  • Our tutor and support staff’s time to answers all your questions and provide on-going support
  • Refreshments at the course (morning and afternoon tea)
  • The cost to record your unit results with the NZ Qualifications Authority
  • Your LCQ certificate

Self Paced Course and ZOOM Online

$150 (incl. GST) and includes:
  • Workbook and information resource
  • Exam Paper (the assessment)
  • Our tutor and support staff’s time to answers all your questions and provide on-going support
  • The cost to record your unit results with the NZ Qualifications Authority
  • Your LCQ certificate