About Us

Greg Williams and Sarah Thompson…

Dear friends,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Innovative! We have spent the greater parts of our lives passionately involved with hospitality and food service.

Greg had the privilege of working for Moet Hennessy for 15 years working across Australia and New Zealand as Brand Ambassador and training and communications leader.

He also held roles for Regional Wines, Montana and Cloudy Bay Vineyards in the USA in a training and sales support role.

Sarah has had a diverse corporate career in Australia, New Zealand and London working in leadership and training and team leadership roles.

Having worked in restaurants since she was fourteen she’s never lost her passion and connection to the restaurant and food service business.

In our early career we owned a restaurant in Wellington and have stayed in tune with the development of the food, wine, bar and restaurant scene.

Training has always been a huge part of our professional lives, Our goal is to make the courses informative and entertaining.

We do hope that Innovative can help you achieve your learning and professional aspirations.