About Us

Innovative Hospitality - Our Mission

"To facilitate positive movement in people's lives through education and training,

with special emphasis on hospitality training and assessment in the workplace"

Innovative Hospitality is the trading name of Longlas Limited 

We are a registered company, approved by the NZ Qualification's Authority (NZQA) and the ServiceIQ, and we specialise in the training and assessment of people for Food Safety unit standards and the Liquor Controllers Qualification (LCQ).

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We have been registered with the NZQA as a Tertiary Education Organisation since 1996 and hold NZQA "consent to assess" a range of Unit Standards.  

Our NZQA/MOE Number is 8357.

Company Directors: 

Sarah Thompson  &  Greg Williams
Free Phone 0800 929 8646
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The Governing Members of Longlas Ltd t/a Innovative Hospitality declare that :

1. they have no actual or potential conflicts of interest arising from their role as governing members of Longlas Ltd,

2. they have no interests in other organisations in the education or immigration sector that provide goods or services to tertiary students.